S2 E03 - Summer Vibes

May 26, 2017

Dimitri & Alex discuss the lovely season of summer and every topic that goes with it. The outdoor activities of hiking and swimming, the summer blockbuster hits (Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Master of None), and the standard summer radio music of Mister Worldwide, Bruno Mars, and more! Doesn't this summer already seem like it has the makings of last summer? What happened to the days of playing outside as a kid? Put your life at risk with the guys from The Boondoggle.

Segment addition today is called Wiki-How Wiki-Why

Music featured this week brought to you by Estúpido Flanders titled On Both Sides of Love (https://www.facebook.com/EstupidoFlandersBand/?pnref=lhc)


S2 E02 - We, Us, and Team

May 19, 2017

Dimitri & Alex are a team! So why not talk jolly cooperation and everything that is teamwork and all its forms in this episode? Join us as we dive into how we take cooperation and effort for granted. Also dive in with our standard tangents questioning what are constant things we say during the podcast like "thats what we do here." Rock interviews with our (terrible tips), crowdsurf with the finest, and slipping past group projects with the power word 'WE!'

Segments this week include the satirical Doctor Dimitri's House Call and then Alex brings Plotting the Movie Plot!

Music featured this week is brought to you by Arthur Watership titled Holy Lighter (https://arthurwatership.bandcamp.com/track/holy-lighter)



S2 E01 - Luck of a total Bro-Ron

May 12, 2017

Kicking off Season 2 strong, Dimitri & Alex are joined by Big D and Little R of the Bro-Rons Podcast to discuss luck and fortune (or the lack there of)! Join as this comedy crew dives into life stories that will leave you laughing including going blind, gambling at casinos, childhood near death experiences, and jumper cables kinks.

Segments this week include Alex's Superhero Segment and The Bro-Rons bring Axeman Cometh comic book information

Music brought to you by The Patchwork Fools titled Denser Suns (https://www.thepatchworkfools.com/)


S1 E46 - Swearing Is Bad, We Swear

May 5, 2017

Dimitri and Alex dive into all those no-no words that would get your mouth filled with soap. Also, we bring Season One of The Boondoggle to an end with an explosive finish! Hear the F-Bomb compilation at the end, its worth it.