S2 E08 - Music Matters

June 30, 2017

Dimitri & Alex discuss our love in music and how different their musical taste can be. The guys discuss country music and the successful formula to the genre and pop music's decade mood swings. Get hyped for the digital music trends that will be pushing the next big Chainsmoker's infectious song, maybe! Alex labels the most influential song in his eyes ever made and Dimitri breaks down rap and the "Super Songs" groups artists do now. Greatest Hits, tight shit, music being art, and "Dad Rock."
Hear our preferences for yourself on Spotify with our personalized playlists we made for you to listen to!



Segment this week is Alex's Superhero Segment

Music featured this week brought to you by Esoson titled Acceptance (https://esoson.bandcamp.com/album/sound-within)


S2 E07 - Was Mulder Right?

June 24, 2017

Dimitri & Alex are teaming up Anderson, Brendan, and Curtis of the comedy/conspiracy podcast Mulder Was Right to tackle the very suiting topic of the supernatural! Hear this pack of skeptics discuss a multitude of paranormal topics from old school Dracula and Frankenstein to anything that is alien, ghosts, or spooky in general! Be it Bigfoot or Swamp Ape, they all have a word to say. For the second time in history, Salem isn't a safe haven!

Segment this week is Supernaturalize Me as the gang discusses their real experiences with the paranormal!

Music featured this week is brought to you by The Absurd titled Steppenmellon (https://theabsurd.bandcamp.com/track/stepp-nmellon)



S2 E06 - Creative Hobbies

June 16, 2017

Dimitri & Alex discuss creativity and hobbies! We kick off discussion with Dimitri's interpretation on how Twister was created by a dry-spell fraternity. Is Twister the worst ice breaker ever? Then Alex shamelessly talks about the artwork he has been creating for the podcast as an outlet for his own hobby while also exploring colorblind people during Christmas. Hear our expected life on Adderal, how hobbies might benifit your life more than you think, and courteous movie theater murderers!

Segment this week is Skits and Shit

Music featured this week brought to you by Hermanos Voodoo titled Full-Time Slave (https://loshermanosvoodoo.bandcamp.com/album/hermanos-voodoo-full-album)


S2 E05 - #SocialMedia

June 9, 2017

Dimitri & Alex discuss the entirity of social media. Our growth from the tackiest MySpace wall to an invasive Facebook games, quizzes, and interface, a pro's and con's list of a Twitter feed, and even evaluating the use of Reddit and Tumblr communities! We tear apart how cringy old posts can be and what we have started to use social media for now compared to what trends society follows. Alex tells Facebook horror stories and Dimitri gives his most honest two cents he ever has on the communities behind the sites. Then, in the end, we run a list from best to worse. #LetsDoIt

Segment this week, we build our own social, The Bell, media that fits The Boondoggle needs.

Music featured this week is brought to you from In My Car titled Being Like This (https://inmycar.bandcamp.com/album/out-of-the-glovebox-iv)


S2 E04 - Nothing but the Truth

June 2, 2017

Dimitri & Alex discuss the concept of lying and situations where telling the truth might be harder, but in the end is better. Everything from finding someone attractive, letting someone down easy, movies lying about themselves, and taking advantage over sportsmanship. Dimitri has a change of opinion on Master of None and Alex tells a story about a habitual liar that he knew. The guys tackle if changing opinions constantly or being overly humble counts as lying, and is there a tie between lying, cheating, and stealing. Can your farts and go to Arby's, its The Boondoggle!

Segments this week include the first ever Viewer Questions! We answer them all!

Music featured this week is brought to you by MrFunkman, a man who brings us the funkiest, grooviest, and most bodacious slapbass you'll hear on any podcast! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuhmM2rS5Z8)